ROMANO Talcum 125 G Untuk Lelaki Hebat Segar Tahan Lama
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ROMANO Prestige is an exquisite concoction of spicy Black Pepper notes with a dash of sparkling Citrus, interlaced with luxurious Lavender and Sage over amber woody base. Irresistibly aquatic with hints of floral musk at its heart, this opulent scent befits the sophisticated, powerful man who is second to none.

ROMANO Urbane Attitude centres on fresh Fougère scent of Lavender with a sparkling Bergamot and Lemon twist. Exotic fruity essence of Pineapple plus Cassis adds a charismatic touch while sensual musk and woody notes wrap up this young, dynamic fragrance made for the hip city man with an electrifying swag.

ROMANO Metro Pulse starts off with an invigorating Citrusy and Aqueous blend, mixed with refreshing Mint and Sage, before ending on a warm mossy and woody note. Both cool and provocative, this is the scent for the urban man whos effervescent and full of life.

ROMANO Classic is built on a solid woody base made of earthy Patchouli and exotic Sandalwood. Topped with fresh, aromatic green notes, plus a touch of citrus enhanced by fiery spices. Crisp and clean with warm underlying notes, this distinct fragrance is the epitome of versatility.

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