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Clear Men Shampoo Deep Cleanse Anti Hair Fall Cooling Itch Control Deep Cleanse all variant
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CLEAR Men Anti-Hairfall Shampoo is infused with Coffee Extract to remove all traces of dandruff* and residue from your scalp while nourishing and revitalising the scalp for up to 10x less hairfall`. You're now set to stride out that door.

CLEAR Men Deep Cleanse Shampoo infused with Activated Charcoal and citrus peel, deeply cleans pores^ and leaves your scalp fresh and healthy. One less worry on your rise in your career.

Cooling Itch Control with Eucalyptus & Tea Tree
Soothes & calms scalp for immediate relief from itch^.
^ associated with dandruff

CLEAR Men Cool Sport Menthol Shampoo is infused with Menthol to thoroughly remove all traces of grime, grease and dandruff on your hair and scalp, while providing a cooling sensation that keeps your hair and scalp feeling fresh. Achieve those power lifts without worrying about your scalp.

CLEAR Men shampoos are formulated with Taurine and Triple Anti-Dandruff Technology to activate scalp to remove, resist and prevent* dandruff. End recurring dandruff*, for 100% confidence'.

`Due to breakage, vs. non-conditioning shampoo
*No visible flakes with regular use
**Helps restore the function of scalp skin barrier
***Based on clinical tests, compared with non anti-dandruff shampoo
^at epidermal level
'Based on consumer survey in 2019

1.Apply to wet hair & scalp.
2. Rinse thoroughly.
3. Repeat if desired.
4. For best results use everyday.
5. Avoid contact with eyes.
6. If eye contact occurs, rinse immediately.